CHARTING DEMOCRACY: Navigational Aids for Sustainable Organizing

November 30, 2014 Ed Democracy BLOGCHARTING DEMOCRACY


CHARTING DEMOCRACY: Navigational Aids for Sustainable Organizing was a monthly column in the Munjoy Hill Observer, a local neighborhood newspaper, from 2006-2008 – . The original website is archived at: and the columns are archived here on our archive-blog: We remain ever hopeful of more discussion and action on sustainable organizing of, by, and for people at the grassroots.

Here is a linked listing of the 17 different columns which ran between JAN 2006 and MAR 2008:

  • JAN 2006 | A Brief History of Navigation and of Sustainable Organizing
  • FEB 2006 | Meg Wheatley = G.O.D.
  • MAR 2006 | CULTURAL CREATIVES: True North on the New Political Compass
  • APR 2006 | COOPERATIVES: A Sustainable Model for a New Culture
  • MAY 2006 | METAPHOR IN FULL BLOOM: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Organizing, and Spider Plants
  • JUN 2006 | Now I Know My ABCD’s – Next Time Won’t You Do ASSET-MAPPING with Me?
  • JUL 2006 | PEOPLE POWER: Saul Alinsky, Sherry Arnstein & the “Ladder of Citizen Participation”
  • OCT 2006 | Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Tuckman’s Organizational Development Cycle
    Dayton, Ohio Has Its Priority Boards in Order
  • DEC 2006 | NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION: Using the OFNR 4-Part Model to Navigate Difficult Passages in the Turbulent Waters of Organization Dynamics
  • JAN 2007 | Community Development Corporations: The ABCs of CDCs and DIY Neighborhood Development
  • FEB 2007 | Knitting and Weaving Social Fabric: The Art of Smart Network Building for Communities
  • MAR 2007 | Kolb’s Learning Styles & Kolbe’s Action Styles: Two Frameworks for Understanding Learning & Action
  • APR 2007 | Grassroots User-Friendly Functions (GUFF): The GUFF Organizing Model – When the going gets tough, the GUFF gets you going
  • MAY 2007 | Social Intelligence: The latest work from Daniel Goleman – the guru of leadership & emotional intelligence
  • NOV 2007 | Navigating the journey to real power in organizations
  • FEB 2008 | The Future of Democracy & the Democracy 2.0 Declaration



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