American Commons

Summary:  Building a new model of citizen infrastructure supporting a new model of citizen culture of, by, and for strong, active, and capable citizens.  … at its root:  common people using common sense & common decency to find common ground for the common good – period – plain & simple.

In an increasingly complex world, keeping things plain & simple is easier said than done.  However, failure to do so is not an option!


  • remember that citizen is still the highest office in the land
  • step beyond ideology and keep moving forward together
  • set our differences aside and find common ground
    practice the deep democracy of civil civic dialogue
  • rediscover the American spirit of entrepreneurial democracy
  • set about designing and building a new system – of the people, by the people, and for the people

…and, WE, THE PEOPLE, must launch the American Evolution to a new model of citizen-led politics!

Status:   … conceptual / beginning draft plan / need seed money / need well-rounded start-up team of citizens  …



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