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This is my GENERAL PLAN:

1) Join / create a creative cooperative family farm as soon as possible!

2) Survive as best as possible until then!

3) Dream! Plan! Budget! Work!

I want to help rebuild Maine’s food system on a cooperative family farm.

I want to work on books & movies in a creative writers cooperative.

I want to combine a cooperatively-owned & operated family farm with a creative writers  cooperative to form a sustainable creative community in which to live, work, and play.

On a farm, I can support myself and my daughter as I contribute to rebuilding Maine’s food system.

On a cooperative family farm, we can decrease our living expenses, increase our self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial capacity, and increase our quality of life.

Where dreams and practicality meet is the place to be.

Whenever we talk about farming, my daughter paints such beautiful pictures of her farm dreams, it is a deep, unpolluted, spring-fed well of inspiration. This innocent honest human being simply expresses her deep human need to live free in harmony with nature and with other human beings. All the dreams that are impossible in our present life situation, suddenly flow forth freely as, not just possible, but obvious, practical, and every bit as necessary for humanity as sun, air, water, and food.

She loves plants and animals and other children.  She wants to grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, and maple trees.  She wants a restaurant on the farm where we serve food we grow.  She wants a special kids restaurant in a tree house that is for kids only!  She wants maple trees on the side of a hill with a barn to collect the maple syrup at the bottom of the hill!  She wants horses and golden retrievers and so much more!

Needless to say, it creates a great opportunity to balance the dreams with doses of concepts like planning and budgeting and business development.

Every family comes up with $500, $1000, or more each month for rent & utilities wherever they are!   Why not pay your own cooperative enterprise and keep your equity instead of paying someone else?

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